Ultra-thin Showers

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Тонкие лейки для верхнего душа

Тонкие лейки для верхнего душа

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Available in different sizes and shapes the minimalistic ultra-thin shower-heads ensure maximum comfort while showering. Made of ultra-thin steel sheets, placed one on top of the other, with an overall thickness of 4 mm, sandwich models can operate with a minimum pressure: this guarantees a normal cascade shower while saving water. The slim and stylish design fits perfectly with elegant and contemporary environments.

A generous natural rain like effect enhances the pleasure of the shower.

The majority of our shower-heads feature proprietary design and low flow rate restrictors allowing for up to 50% savings in water consumption while retaining enjoyable showering experience.

All Aquatica shower-heads are made in Italy using the best available materials. In our solid brass faucets, shower controls, and shower-heads we use solely zero or ultra-low lead and ADZ low-zinc brass alloys.

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